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Created with Love

          Peacefully Green

                     Nature Inspired 


Yvie’s in Alexandria, Alabama is an enchanting place for lovers of eco-friendly products and unique handcrafted items. We make natural soy candles, soaps, and lotions that are available in various delightful scents. You can even find a large selection of yarns and needles for knitters.

Community Support

We cherish our community! Special pricing is available for fund-raising and charity events. For more information, please get in touch with our team.

What Our Clients Say

What a great little yarn store and more! There are the most amazing smelling candles and soaps there as well. I happened to find this place searching for yarn on my way home to Villa Arica, GA and so so glad I did. I walked around and had the hardest time deciding on what I wanted to get. I ended up with two bundles of roving to spin my own yarn, which I'm am still learning. The very helpful lady there let me know about the place and how the sales work so I know I WILL DEFINITELY be back.

- Tiffany B.

It's like playing in your mom's button box. Yarns of every color and texture. Knitting supplies, hand made gifts and all sorts of other gifts and goodies. I bet it's a secret treasure many folks don't know about.

- Mindy C.

Met Yvie today. Fabulous shop. Made me feel at home instantly. Will be back.

- Kim T.

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